Achieve Victory with These 5 Beginner Drones!

Welcome to the Dronucopia Drone Racing Report.
Like any sport or hobby, drone racing and fpv freestyle flying have different levels of commitment and involvement.
This means the equipment you need can vary quite a bit in price.
For experienced pilots and hard-core racers, it can easily costs thousands of dollars for the right equipment.
To a beginner this can seem daunting, but never fear… there are lots of great, inexpensive racing drones that are fast and fun to fly and learn on.
The first thing you will need is a set of FPV goggles, or at least a portable LCD screen.
You can find inexpensive box goggles starting at $50.
Compact FPV goggles will usually start around $100 and go up to several hundred depending on the resolution and features.
FPV goggles are where we recommend beginners splurge as much as their budget allows.
Unlike your quad, you won’t be crashing your goggles daily, and they will be used with every drone.
A transmitter is also necessary for controlling your quad.
Some drones are sold as a package with a transmitter included.
Some come with a proprietary controller that can only be used with the included drone.
Others might be packaged with a universal transmitter that can be used with other drones as well, giving you more flexiblitiy.
Like the FPV goggles, transmitters start out around $50 and go up to several hundred.
Again, if you plan to stick with flying FPV then we recommend starting with a decent controller that you will use for a while and with other drones.
You will save money and have more flexibility in the long run.
Be sure to check the included accessories with the drone you purchase.
In addition to the goggles and transmitter, you will also need a battery and battery charger to get up and running.
Here are five of our favorite cheap beginner racing drones: The Eachine E013 Micro FPV Quad is a complete, cheap solution for those looking to try out FPV but have a limited budget.
Known as the “Small Pepper”, This Tiny Whoop is perfect for flying indoors and in close spaces.
The onboard gyro and stabilization modes make is easy for a beginner to fly.
The 1000TVL FPV camera is surprisingly good, and the included 1s LiPo battery will give you 4-5 minutes of flight time while the bundled transmitter uses three AAA batteries.
The combo kit even includes FPV goggles, making it one of the best beginner values at under $80. Some kits do not include a battery charger, so be sure to check the bundle you are buying to see if one is included.
The Blade Inductrix FPV and FPV+ have long been some of our favorite beginner drones.
They offer good speed and agility, and can be flown in level-flight or acro-mode.
They will also pair with a wide range of transmitters and goggles, and are safe and fun to fly Most of the bundles we’ve seen come with the Inductrix, a 1s LiPo battery, and battery charger, so you will need your own transmitter and fpv goggles to fly.
The 25mW video transmitter works with Fat Shark and raceband channels, and the included battery provides about four minutes of flight time.
The Inductrix starts around $80 for the FPV beginner model, and up to $150 for the FPV Plus racer.
You can sometimes find bundles with a transmitter or maybe even goggles, but it is typically sold without them.
If you are looking for a complete Ready-to-fly racing drone bundle for not much money, the Hubsan X4 Storm Racing bundle might be a good one to consider.
This mini racing drone sports a carbon-fiber frame and a 2s LiPo battery, providing 6-7 minutes of typical flying time.
The X4 is fronted by the 720p video camera, and while fun to fly, the range is limited to around 100 meters.
This is still a great drone for learning, and can be flown indoors and outdoors.
Unlike the Tiny Whoop models like the Inductrix and Eachine, the Hubsan X4 Storm does not have prop guards, requiring more caution when flying near objects and especially people.
While the propellers are small and plastic, they can still cause injuries.
This bundle comes with a proprietary transmitter and even a set a FPV goggles. Both are very basic but get the job done.
What makes the Hubsan X4 Storm Racing drone really stand out however is the price.
You can find bundles starting under $100, and bundles including the drone, battery, charger, screen, goggles, and transmitter for under $140, making it a complete value.
The Walkera Rodeo 110 is a solid platform for a beginner and another fast, ready-to-fly mini racing drone.
The racing frame is sturdy and the 2s LiPo provides plenty of power to this fast and nimble racer.
One of our favorite features is the F3 flight controller with Cleanflight installed.
The switchable video transmitter provides up to 600mW of power for the 600TVL HD camera.
A Bind-n-fly version is available for about $150, and a bundle including a Devo 7 transmitter typically sells in the low $200 range.This is an especially good value as this transmitter can be used with other drones as well.
Some bundles come with extra batteries and a charger, so always make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.
If you’re looking for a high-performance quad that you can fly right out of the box, then we think you should take a look at the Redcat Carbon 210 Race Drone.
The carbon fiber frame and solid construction is designed to take a beating, and the 3s LiPo battery sends plenty of power to the 5” propellers, sending the Carbon 210 racing along at speeds up to 60mph.
You can even customize your quad with a variety of available decals.
You will need a set of FPV goggles or LCD screen, but the Redcat Carbon includes a proprietary controller, starter battery, and battery charger as well as a hard-sided lockable case.
All this for around $300 makes the Redcat Carbon 210 an oustanding value for a full-size drone. This just scratches the surface of what’s available.
Whichever way you go, there are lots of options and good deals out there.
Again, be sure to check the contents of the bundle you are considering to see what else you might need.
Always fly safely and responsibly and away from people, and make sure to find out which laws or locals regulations might apply. Fly often, and have fun!

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