The Altair Aeriel Blackhawk Drone

The Altair Aerial Blackhawk Drone

– as Agile as a Hawk 
The hawk as a bird does an outstanding job in flying amongst its other abilities. And that’s why we love the Altair Blackhawk Drone because it replicates that feature in a Long Range Flight Time Drone . 

Altair Blackhawk drone

This Altair Aeriel Blackhawk drone

is a Long Range Flight drone, created by the US company based in Nebraska, Altair Aerial. The Altair Aerial Blackhawk drone is far more than your average toy for games, and what have have been used to before.

Incredible Speed 

Blackhawk Drone

The military green and black quadcopter are endowed with incredible speed. It flies very fast and can cut through windy conditions and gains high altitude.

Black Hawk Quadcopter

You don’t have to worry about how long it’d last because it’s durable. Its over 15 minutes flight duration is another plus of the Blackhawk. That’s great for its price range, don’t you think?

Great Battery Power for the Altair Aeriel Blackhawk Drone 

With a 15-17 minutes time range, the drone can travel 300-500 meters far from your location. This is realized by the standard battery it possesses; a 7.4V LiPo battery located at the bottom of the device. The drone weighs 485g, and it flies far and high. 

Great for Intermediates and Pro’s 

The Altair Aerial Blackhawk gives users options to choose either low speed or high-speed of flight as the manufacturers had intermediate users in mind when constructing the drone. All the same, it is beginner-friendly. 

Go Pro Camera Mount  

Altair Aerial Black Hawk

The drone possesses a camera mount that is compatible with a GoPro Hero and Hero 4 camera which gives you a picture and video quality that is far better than most drones on the market. So if you don’t have a GoPro Camera, it’s not too late to invest in one if you want to explore the full camera potential of the Blackhawk. 

Handling the drone comes with a stress-free effort as the remote controller is one without complications and is easy to control according to your interests. 

What interests me about the drone is that it is imbued with a 6-axis Gyro and independent built-in automatic lock protection which you will find helpful in preventing burnout as a result of deadlock. 

Heavy Duty Tough Construction 

Black Hawk drone, brushless motors, propeller guards, camera mount

The heavy-duty construction device comes at an estimated affordable price of $119, which is way less than other drones of the same quality. It’s more than okay considering the service it offers, and you most likely won’t get an incredible drone like the Altair Aeriel Blackhawk Drone Long Range Flight Time at such a price. 

In all, the drone is stylish, durable, powerful, fast, contains a high-motor technology and has a great design. If think like a racer, the Altair Aerial Blackhawk Long Range Flight Time is the one for you. 

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